Recruitment charter

Recruiting a new employee is, first and foremost, a commitment, the start of a lasting relationship between the new hire and GO Sport.

As a result, in order to be effective, the hiring procedure must be fair, so the human resources team and store management are rigorous, transparent and objective in their selection of applicants. At each step in the process, GO Sport is committed to respecting the principles of fairness and equal opportunity.


  • We are committed to recruitment based on explicit criteria that are justified by the vacant position. This allows us to fight all forms of discrimination.
  • We inform our candidates of the status and progress of their applications, at every step in the hiring process. The recruiter is the candidates’ dedicated point of contact during this period.
  • During the job interview, we introduce the group, its values, its organization and its business domains.
  • We evaluate and assess every applicant, for their knowledge, their know-how and their skill sets.
  • We treat all applications and the information communicated to us during job interviews as confidential.

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