Mobility Program

Growing and developing, from one discipline to another.
Thanks to the diversity of the group’s functions, we can offer various forms of opportunities for mobility and professional development (promotions and functional and/or geographic mobility).

Our aim is to recognize everyone, for their skills, their experience, and their potential, by offering each team member the possibility of building an enriching career path and engaging with the group for the long haul.
GO Sport is committed to supporting the development of its employees’ skill sets.
The chain invests in training with its in-house training center, GO Sport Academy, and various outside partners, to guide each employee toward customer satisfaction and operational excellence in their professions.

Through the GO Sport Academy, we share our culture and transfer our business expertise. Employee support is available, from the time of their arrival and throughout their career with us, as a function of the positions they hold.

We offer:

  • functional training (for directors, managers and technicians);
  • product training (electric-assisted bicycles, ropes, skis, etc.);
  • coming soon: e-learning (customer relations, product kits, etc.)

GO Sport works hard to offer the best possible solutions for individual and collective needs.

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