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Founded in the heart of the Alps following the Winter Olympic Games held in Grenoble, the group that would ultimately give rise to GO Sport and then Courir was created in the late 1970s.

Over the years, GO Sport has developed into one of the leading sporting goods stores, while Courir has set a new benchmark for the sneaker fashion industry. Incorporated into GO Sport Group in 2014, Twinner is a network of stores that emphasizes the values of authenticity and connection to nature.

These three brands gradually grew in France and steadily developed in other countries, first in Poland, where GO Sport launched in 1999, and then on all continents, with the rapid success of the master franchise and a leading position in the Middle East.

Performance, teamwork, enjoyment and customer focus motivate our 4,600 employees in France and abroad every day.

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Rallye Group

Groupe GO Sport is owned by Rallye, a reference in the distribution sector.


Our last news GO Sport Group

GO Sport was voted this year’s “Favorite Company” by students of the Grenoble School of Management!

14/02/2017-Group news

Present at the internship and job fair of Grenoble School of Management, GO Sport was tied for the “Favorite Company” award with Adidas. A real success for GO Sport and its employer image! The GO [...]

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Charlotte FAMIN et Valentin PRADES à la rencontre des enfants d’Alfortville

01/02/2017-Group news

Faire évoluer le regard des enfants sur le sport et le handicap, tel était l'objectif de la journée de sensibilisation organisée le 1er février dernier en partenariat avec la mairie d'Alfortville et deux membres de [...]

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Groupe GO Sport annonce le lancement d’une nouvelle enseigne spécialisée cycle : Bike +

01/04/2016-Group news

Dans le cadre du développement de Groupe GO Sport en France, le groupe annonce la création d’une nouvelle enseigne baptisée « Bike + », spécialisée dans le cycle ! Désireux de proposer une nouvelle alternative [...]

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