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GO Sport Group is one of the major players in specialized distribution, both in France and internationally, and wishes to assure everyone involved (clients, consumers, partners, etc.) of its genuine and real commitment to addressing the societal and environmental issues linked to its activity.

In 2014, GO Sport Group implemented a sustainable development policy with four areas of focus.

The integration and evolution of talents

At GO Sport Group, talented individuals are what drives company growth. Since it’s a passion for sport and fashion that motivates our 4,500 employees, we’ve implemented initiatives to help them live life to the full! Whether you’re sporty or more into sneaker fashion, there’s an initiative for everyone!

The GO Sport team


The GO Sport Team is a project launched by GO Sport to support and promote sport at a high level. This unique initiative aims to make GO Sport an active partner alongside both accomplished and promising athletes. The GO Sport Team is made up of all types of sportspeople.

• GO Sport employees, who participate in a sport and benefit from flexible working hours, help with equipment, and personalized professional retraining.
• Young student athletes, who can benefit from a grant to help them fully or part finance their studies.
• Adaptive-sport athletes, already supported by GO Sport, like Charlotte Famin, French adaptive tennis n° 1, are also on the team and benefit from financial assistance for the purchase of equipment.

All keen to be wearing GO Sport colors at official competitions, these athletes perform on the national and international stage and are selected based on their application, according to performance and commitment criteria. Renowned for their expertise in a certain discipline, they will be asked to regularly give technical advice on the use of equipment and to test products. The GO Sport Team will be renewed each year and will help reinforce the company’s sporting image in the eyes of customers.

Find out more about how we recruit high-level athletes

Courir Studio


Courir Studio is a unique project highlighting the artistic talents of employees of the Courir company through sponsorships.

Whether they’re designers, graphic artists, dancers or musicians, all talents have a voice! Every year, several employees of the benchmark brand in sneaker fashion successfully apply and benefit from a grant to help them follow their passion.

Circular economy and sport access for all

GO Sport Group is committed to the circular and sharing economy! Since this is the future of consumerism, and because it’s linked to the Group’s strong interest in sustainable development, the Group has created several new services:

Sport for French

In 2015, GO Sport has strengthened its positioning and has reaffirmed the importance of sport in life balance of its customers.

Promotion of adaptive sport

For over 13 years, GO Sport Group has been committed to ‘performance irrespective of difference’. Two AGEFIPH (French Disability Employment Association) conventions and three business agreements have been signed with social partners to transform these convictions into genuine action and support. Through our disabilities program, we are able to hire and correctly integrate employees with disabilities and train GO Sport Group teams to take this disability into consideration in their daily work.

More information on GO Sport Group’s Disabilities Program:

Transforming words into actions, GO Sport Group has, for several years, led initiatives encouraging wider acknowledgement of adaptive sports. Find out about our 2015 initiatives:

Charlotte Famin

French adaptive tennis n°1, sponsored by GO Sport Group. For two years, we’re proud to have sponsored Charlotte Famin, international Top 20 in wheelchair tennis and quadruple French national champion, helping her in her quest for a medal at Rio 2016.

Partner to the BNP Paribas French Tennis Open

Since 2009, GO Sport has supported the BNP Paribas French Adaptive Tennis Open, which takes place every year in Antony (92, France) and brings together the best players in the world.

Collection for the Tennis section of the French Adaptive-Sport Federation

Operation ‘Give so they can give their all’ saw us collect 15,000 euros in 2014 and 40,000 euros in 2015. Thanks to the generosity of our company’s customers, this money was used to develop a wheelchair-tennis sports study program for young people with disabilities.